• Sunday 16:30 — 16:55

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The bells of our country

Cristina Usenko and Roksolyana Sydor

Our Folk Collective is a symbol of hope and strength.

We share emotions and feelings with you through our shared passion for music.

We will be your guide in this wonderful fascinating world of music.

You will receive a collection of fascinating traditional folk songs and dances.

These songs and dances are about history, about love, about harmony with nature, about spiritual power.


Folk music has deep cultural significance and reflects the history, emotions, traditions and identities of countries. Folk songs, dances and traditions passed down from generation to generation reflect the experience and love of the Ukrainian people. Captivating melodies and soulful lyrics evoke a sense of nostalgia and belonging, making them an integral part of cultural heritage. All stage costumes, headdresses and sets are handmade by us, each flower is unique and creates images into which we put soul, love, tenderness and individuality.

The Ukrainian team consists of refugees and volunteers who have come to Belgium. During rehearsals for concerts and other events, people express their feelings, emotions and ideas. Through music and other art forms, they find a positive balance, feel more confident and joyful. We strive to preserve old traditions, strengthen them and pass them on to new generations. Ukrainian folklore has become a platform where people can come together and enjoy the power of music and dance.

We also like to combine Ukrainian, Flemish and Dutch music and traditions to preserve, strengthen and weave them together.

Organisation:Ganna Kozinchuk

Grote Markt next to city hall


Free entry, drop by spontaneously