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So You Think You Can Dance... Afrobeat/Salsa/Dabke

Refu Interim vzw

Refu Interim vzw is an organisation that finds voluntary work for people who are new in Belgium. The organisation has been active in the Kortrijk region since 2019. Volunteers help organisations and services with loads of energy, motivation and energy, but they also bring endless talent and skills with them.
For DANSSTORM, Refu Interim selected three of their best dancers from three different continents. They each bring a different dance style from their homeland: salsa from Venezuela, afrobeat from Senegal and dabke from Palestine. So you think you can dance? Put yourself to the test and try yourself out with us!

11u - 12u30: Salsa
14u - 15u30: Afrobeat
16u30 - 18u: Dabke

Organisation:Refu Interim

Broelkaai 6


Register through the link and bring 5 euros in cash.