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ADEMROOD EXP0 with dance videos

Pé Vermeersch and Radical HeArts performing ARt company

'Ademrood' is an environment that can be seen, but also experienced. Red, the color of life, passion, but also of suffering and blood, contrasts with the clinical and soothing white and connects the different art forms. Throughout the rooms of Salon Radical, monumental blood-red carpets and textiles, originating from Morocco and Tunisia, were created by women in strict social confinement.

On screens, you can see fragments of the performances that took place during Human(Art)istic.festival in Brussels in October 2020, but were abruptly interrupted by the second lockdown. In these videos the choreographer starts from the weakened body, the body that was painfully affected. Ademrood shows work by artists, dancers and weavers who search for the healing power of breathing, the fragility of the body, the fragility of the earth, for the freedom located in the minuscule detail of movement. Everything breathes red.

Ademrood is an installation exhibition with dance videos (Pé Vermeersch, Mira Walschot and Noelia Abenza) amidst a collection of Berber textiles. Pierced with visual work by Coup de foudre ( Goedel Vermandere, Jan Arickx,
Christophe Denys, Saskja Snauwaert, Linda Vinck, Tamara Van San, Nathalie Vanheule, Bart Vandevijvere and Pé Vermeersch). Bathed in a soundscape by Peter Clasen. A project by Pé Vermeersch , Paul Vandenbroeck and Radical HeArts Team.

Pé (Vermeersch) departs from the body that is painfully attacked and affected, but mainly searches for the healing power of breathing. She transforms this into the power of detail. Minimalist in its peripheral movement, as if it would never stop. Finding artistic freedom in the detail is the task here for the three dancers in a non-stop 25-minute improvisation.

Organisation:Radical HeArt vzw

Salon radical

Koning Leopold I Straat 12, 8500 Kortrijk

The expo is accessible by stairs on the first and second floor of the building.


Free entry, drop by spontaneously