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Open hiphop lessons

10-11 am: Beginners. Anyone who wants to find out about hip hop needs to be in this introductory class! You’ll learn the basic moves and terms and, of course, a wicked beat. We start with a warming-up followed by some basic techniques and concluding with a choreography.
11 am-12.30 pm: Advanced. In this introductory class, dancers with basic familiarity with hip hop can really indulge themselves! We will be working on basic techniques which we will use in our choreography. As well as technique, we will also be spending time on musicality and flow. Take this lesson if you’re looking for a challenge.
The lesson’s teacher, Laura Simons, has been following lessons at Polydans since she was little. She began with contemporary dance and ballet and she later acquired a real feel for hip hop. The broad range of dance on offer in Kortrijk meant that she was able to take part in various workshops led by professional contemporary choreographers. She also followed various urban workshops at the same time to improve her hip hop technique. In the meantime, she has been teaching hip hop for ten years, focussing on the tension between power and flow and endeavouring to convey the positivity of dance.




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