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  • Friday 22:00 — 22:15

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My House

Junior Akwety, Zach Swagga en Abel Baeck

MY HOUSE is a show in which the culture around house music is central. Dance and music are combined in this interdisciplinary production with special consideration for interaction with the audience. It is a genre that is enjoyed and provokes enthusiasm all over the world. The story is inspired by a passion and a need for expression. On the stage, it takes the form of a dialogue between original music with singing, performance and an exciting choreography, demonstrating the love we, dedicated artists, share for this HOUSE culture.

The choreographer Zach Swagga has been dancing to house music for more than 20 years. He has participated in several international competitions like Juste Debout and won various prizes. He has a passion for house culture and is actively involved in his community, where he trains current and future dancers. Abel Baeck is a young composer who graduated from the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and who has had a passion for electronic music since he was a child. As a producer, he will also compose the original music for the show.
Junior Akwety, actor and singer, is the voice behind the music and text. He has been with the British-American deep-house label All Day I Dream since 2016.

By Junior Akwety & Zach Ntambwe

dance: Zach Swagga
performer: Junior Akwety & Abel Baeck
music editing and mixing: Abel Baeck & Junior Akwety
photo: Victoriano Moreno
with support of: Radar, Stad Mechelen, Stad Antwerpen, Theater Arsenaal, Mestizo Art Platform


Kruidtuin - dance floor


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