• Saturday 15:30 — 16:00

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Amina Iddrisu

“How was school?” and “What’s for dinner tonight?” are probably the commonest questions that parents and children put to each other, but what if you want to go further? If you want to dig deeper? And what if you don’t have the same mother tongue? Jobo is a conversation between a parent and a child, where words can never express enough. Where daughter/dancer Amina Iddrisu and father/percussionist speak to each other with movement and music, languages that bring them closer together than words could ever do.

Amina Iddrisu is a dancer, talent coach and theatre maker with a passion for sharing. She never feels as liberated as when she is on stage. She has danced in productions from, among others, fABULEUS en hetpaleis. For Jobo, she is on stage with her father Babs Jobo, a Ghanaian percussionist who played djembe and conga in Wawadadakwa and Shakara United.


Grote Markt

At 15h30 in the Kruidtuin in the open air theater and at 17h30 at the Grote Markt


Free entry, drop by spontaneously