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  • Sunday: Be surprised between 14h and 17h.

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Healthy and happy through exercise

City of Mechelen health & prevention team

Are you already looking forward to the Dansstorm in Malines? So are we because dancing is truly an incredible experience. Whether you are floating across the dance floor yourself or watching a fiery flamenco in amazement: dancing moves something in us.

You can take this quite literally because while dancing you use your whole body. So dancing is not only fun but good for our health. Among other things, it is training for the heart, improves balance and keeps you supple. Dancing also just makes you happy.

So if you would like to keep dancing be sure to check out the offerings of the Mechelen dance clubs and dance afternoons. And for those who are not quite comfortable on the dance floor, there is a varied and accessible range of exercise in Mechelen. We are happy to tell you all about it and already share some tips and tricks. Everyone is welcome!



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