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Double Bill - Omnetan & Contre-jour XS

Sandra Delgadillo & Not standing/ Philomène Authelet

Can strangers connect by dancing with each other? This was the question that inspired the choreographer Sandra Carolina Delgadillo Porcel to make the production Omnetan - which means ‘to meet someone coincidentally’ - with 35 dancers from Kortrijk. She asked each of the dancers to add one nostalgic song to a playlist: a tune from the past that is timeless, that makes you dream about both the past and the future. The memories and the magic that the music evokes in the dancers is the basis for the production. The encounters between the different performers represents a story that goes like a film: each scene is a separate ‘episode’, but part of a greater whole. In the daytime you can see certain scenes in the streets of Kortrijk. If you would like to see the entire production, you can book a ticket for the performance in the evening.

Sandra Carolina Delgadillo Porcel (38) is an Antwerp dancer, choreographer, movement educationalist and coach, with Bolivian roots. She fell into the world of contemporary dance from martial and urban arts. When she was 18 she danced for Wim Vandekeybus and later toured with the successful production Babel from Eastman, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s company. Sandra believes strongly in the power of meeting each other as the solution for everyday racism, polarisation and division. She also loves bringing people together from different social, cultural and sport backgrounds in art projects.

Contre-jour XS
Moves come and go; they disappear without trace the moment they are performed. No residue, they only continue to exist in the memory of the spectator. The intangibility of dance, and the search for a means of recording steps for posterity are the point of departure for Contre-jour, the new choreography from movement artist Alexander Vantournhout. The piece will have its premiere in the autumn of 2021, but parallel to the creative process, Vantournhout is setting up an educational project for young people, Contre-jour XS. He will be guiding them with the dancer Philomène Authelet in a process where they will do their own thing, but inspired by Contre-jour. The young people will immerse themselves in Vantournhout’s movement language, but they will also try not to copy. They will watch, learn and interpret, but above all, let their imagination run free.

Vantournhout was awarded several prizes for his 2015 production ANECKXANDER and he has toured throughout Europe. His work is always a cross-over of dance, circus and theatre.


The performance will take place in Begijnhofpark in our open air theater.


8 euro