Dance film
  • Friday 00:00 — 00:45

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Dance short films - Short Waves Festival - Second selection

Short Waves Festival

Etch – Abby Warrilow, Lewis Gourlay: A girl walks through a remote moor. On a hill stands a long-abandoned schoolhouse. Her feet trace, etch and carve in circular motions, making marks in the dirt. Finally, she steps back to witness the impression her dance has left on the floor.

ag:Au – Alex Cantouris: Two young gods embark on a journey to create a new world.

The Last Children – Fu LE: he Last Children is a choreographic film made in one shot with the children of a school on the eve of its closure. Through a metaphorical fable, it bears witness to the completion of desertification in the rural world and the death of its villages.

Maids – Sofia Castro: This short film, inspired by Las Criadas de Monterroso (Monterroso’s Maids), combines fiction and screendance and depicts a ballerina who embodies the voices of two lovers who plan to kill her with their own hands.
In a theatrical setting and in one traveling shot, objectivity is distorted as the body struggles to expose all that is incorporeal, raising the question of where the boundaries are between mind and expression.

Mudlove – Tero Peltoniemi: …the two are thrown into a mud wrestling ring to find a common path forward, while their best friends act as coaches.

Where Love Leads – Marta Renzi: This birthday celebration is one long trust exercise.


Kruidtuin - open air theater

The dance short films will be shown at the open air theater in the Kruidtuin.

Be on time, seating and headphones are limited!


Free entry, drop by spontaneously


Those who propel themselves in wheelchairs can take seats to the left and right of the lowest row of the theater. Please feel free to let us know your needs and concerns. We are available to assist you.