Dance film
  • Friday 22:30 — 23:15

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Dance short films - Short Waves Festival - First selection

Short Waves Festival

Herbarium – Iwona Pasińska: Polish Dance Theatre immerses you in the beautiful world of flowers and leaves: what a day in the life of a plant looks like, from bloom to finish, drowned in warm nostalgia. A fairytale story full of intense colors: green, red and purple that turns into the gray and brown of autumn. All this the dancers tell with movements to the rhythm of the Peer Gynt suite, performed by Trondheim Symfoniorkester & Opera.

Walks With Me – Kati Kallio: 80-year-old Sanna lives alone with her memories and houseplants. One day from her window she sees an event that makes her think back to her friends and her own loneliness.

Svavar Knutur – The Hurting – Kay Otto: A dancing janitor and loneliness.

Lazarus – Tuixén Benet: Through dialogue between movement and landscape, Lazarus reflects on the objectification of the female body in film. Edgar Allan Poe’s famous quote “the death of a beautiful woman is undoubtedly the most poetic subject in the world” prompts a series of falls and re-imaginings that escape the poetic by trying too hard to find it.

Cinderella Games – Jessica Wright, Morgann Runacre-Temple: A group competes with each other in a game show, each desperately trying to prove they are the real Cinderella to win their own Happy Ever After. Find the shoe, beat your opponents AND the clock to claim the prize!


Kruidtuin - open air theater

The dance short films will be shown at the open air theater in the Kruidtuin.

Be on time, seating and headphones are limited!


Free entry, drop by spontaneously


Those who propel themselves in wheelchairs can take seats to the left and right of the lowest row of the theater. Please feel free to let us know your needs and concerns. We are available to assist you.