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Bougement Present

Gent Bougement - Daisy Phillips and Gytha Parmentier

Daisy Phillips – Present for and with Jona (premiere)

Gytha Parmentier – Present for Debbie, Jaak and Jana, school leavers from BUSO ‘t Vurstje

Gent Bougement brings dance makers together with people who deserve a dance as a gift. The dancer is commissioned to create a choreography especially for that one special person or group.

The dancer and the recipient engage in a conversation, about past and present, about music, love, plans, hopes, and anything else they want to talk about. This story becomes the inspiration for choreography. The dancer creates a “Present,” a danced gift, a personal dance solo set to the recipient’s favorite music.

For Dansstorm, dancer Daisy Phillips met Malinois Jona. They quickly discovered that dance was very important to both of them. Daisy is a professional dancer with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, among others. Jona is a big dance enthusiast who also enjoys being on the floor. Both are at a crossroads of sorts: what role will dance continue to play in their lives? Daisy and Jona decided to continue their meeting while dancing. The result will be a new Present, which we will show to an audience for the first time at Dansstorm.

We will also show the dance Gytha Parmentier made in 2021 for Debbie, Jaak and Jana, three final-year students of the school for special education ‘t Vurstje. They received the Present on their departure from the safe nest of the school, before they would fly out to a new chapter in their lives.

Since the project’s inception, during the coronalockdowns, Gent Bougement has already commissioned a dozen dance makers to create a Present.

Read more at www.gentbougement.be


Choreography, performance: Daisy Phillips, Jona, Gytha Parmentier
An initiative of Gent Bougement
Production: TALK vzw
With the support of: City of Ghent, Danspunt
With thanks to: BUSO ‘t Vurstje – campus Vivo, Julie and Griet



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