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Biodanza dance introduction – We are Movement

‘Life’ is central to Biodanza and it invites you to dance it. Biodanza is a bringer of joy, where music, pleasant movement, dance, contact and meeting go hand in hand.

Effects of Biodanza
. You feel livelier, more spontaneous and more full of energy.
. Self-confidence, self-esteem, happiness and a sense of harmony are increased.
. Empathy, connection and togetherness are created.
. Pleasure and contact are encouraged.
. You become more relaxed, you experience less worry and stress.

Biodanza is gentle, but powerful, experiential method, which encourages development and hones skills in a progressive way, so that you can integrate this powerful source of renewal and revitalisation at your own pace.

Organisation:De Resonantie - Ann Vanhooreweder

Graaf Gwijde Van Namenstraat 7


Free - But please reserve your ticket in advance.