• Saturday 15:00 — 15:10

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130 BPM

Ehren Verrelst

How can this production be summed up in one word? ‘Lightness’, because 130 BPM is literally that: the dancers are more often in the air than on the ground and, above all, they don’t take themselves too seriously.

Eight dancers jump in rhythms and directions that continually change. They present an ode to that moment in a night club when feet seem to forget gravity and make the dance floor vibrate. Human emotions like pleasure, tenacity, exhaustion and even competition swirl around each other. Leap into the unknown and allow yourself to be surprised by the explosive power of 130 BPM!

Ehren Verrelst is an enthusiastic and enterprising dancer, maker and teacher. She likes ‘aerial swimming’, maths, cartwheeling, prancing about very high, doing puzzles, surprises, cycling with her eyes closed (only on a straight track, of course, without any obstacles), jumping, crying very loudly, roaring with laughter, sweating and unfinished things. She made 130 BPM last year with deCompagnie of the Podiumacademie Lier and she received coaching as part of the De Dansvitrine Mechelen.

Dancers: Nienke Danneels, Robinne De Wreede, Lena Geudens, Lia Peters, Mirthe Swinnen, Anna T’Seyen, Victor Van Rossum, Megan Vincent



This performance can also be seen at 15h at the Ijzerenleen.


Free entry, drop by spontaneously