• Saturday 19:30 — 19:40

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Alex Deijmann

A dance in honour of the sun that ended,
Departed and lost friends, in the hope they once again shall cross each other’s paths,
Pursued dreams and unfulfilled longings.
Cherished hope
Is like staring at a cedar tree on high
Or being the cedar tree itself,
Which itself stares at the world below as it passes it by,
Elegant, but trapped in one place.
Even if the tree could express itself, it cannot.

Alex Deijmann presents a blend of voguing, waacking, popping, butoh and kabuki. Everything and nothing all at the same time, danced to the music of the southern Japanese Amami Islands. Uesugi is a dance about grief, loss, longing, loneliness, acceptance and peace, which arises out of emotion, mood and vibration.


Kruidtuin - openluchttheater

The performance will be shown at the open air theater in the Kruidtuin.

Be on time, seating is limited!


Free entry, drop by spontaneously


Those who propel themselves in wheelchairs can take seats to the left and right of the lowest row of the theater. Please feel free to let us know your needs and concerns. We are available to assist you.