• Saturday 22:00 — 22:30

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the fall in between

Alexandros Anastasiadis

If you could abandon your social surroundings, what would be left of you? Who is your essential, inner self? Alexandros Anastasiadis investigates the subtle ways in which each encounter determines your identity.

The onlookers sit in a circle around the dancer; they observe and are observed. He investigates what he can offer the audience, real and abstract, in movement and in word. The more he gives, the more he seems to receive…

‘the fall in between’ switches from hectic speed to becoming almost motionless. Many images and expectations are intrinsic to the dancing body, but they are finally abandoned when that body embraces its limitations.


Kruidtuin - open air theater

The performance will be shown at the open air theater in the Kruidtuin.

Be on time, seating is limited!


Free entry, drop by spontaneously


Those who propel themselves in wheelchairs can take seats to the left and right of the lowest row of the theater. Please feel free to let us know your needs and concerns. We are available to assist you.