• Sunday: Be surprised between 13h and 18h30.

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Spot the dancer - Dance the spot

Silke Gerinckx

Are they dancing birds or flying dancers? Silke Gerinckx’s SPOT THE DANCER – DANCE THE SPOT adds a pinch of wonder to the streets of Mechelen.
Dancers appear as if from nowhere and add an unexpected playful dimension to the city whilst they move to the rhythms of the wind. But as soon as these elegant birds arrive, they disappear into the crowd… If you keep on the lookout for them, you might just see them all!

Silke Gerinckx is a performer and makes productions in which the voice, movement and the body are central. There is often a touch of the theatrical, absurd humour and noises in her work, which evoke characters and atmosphere. Silke makes you aware of the everyday realities which we often overlook.




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