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Sparkling with rage

Lisa Piette

Anger is a negative emotion.
Anger leads to aggression.
Anger does not feel good.
Can anger also be positive?
Can it lead to freedom?
Can it even be healthy?

In this dance video, the expression of anger in women is completely dissected and defrosted.

Choreography & concept: Lisa Piette (hip hop & contemporary dance)
Dance: Lisa Piette, Eva María Icikson (tango)
Camera & editing: Anna Püschel (visual artist)

Lisa Piette comes from Kortrijk and danced with Polydans for ten years. She began with a love of hip hop and soon combined these dance lessons with contemporary dance.
After her training, she began hatha and vinyasa yoga and started this year as a qualified teacher.
As well as movement and choreography, Lisa has a passion for photography, which she explored for five years when she lived in Madrid.
For Lisa, dance videos are a creative process in which she can combine her interests.


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