Performance(Dancing) walk
  • Saturday:

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Spot the Dancer - Dance the Spot

Silke Gerinckx

Cultural venues are closed, sports clubs are closed, cafes and restaurants closed… One of the few places where we could still recharge our batteries was in the countryside. There have never been as many visitors to woods and parks as last year. This is why it’s time to bring some culture to nature.

Go for a walk in Kortrijk during DANSSTORM and look around you. What do you see? Apart from pigeons, sparrows or maybe a lapwing, you may notice some other strange animals: various characters will be finding a temporary home in the city. You will be able to see them ducking in and out of the bushes and along the paths. They are not just there to be seen, but also to entertain you with dance.




Free entry, drop by spontaneously