Dance initiation
  • Sunday 11:00 — 12:45

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Biodanza: Dance Life!

Petra Kerkhofs (facilitator under supervision of Flemish Biodanza School)

The pleasure of moving to music, so that you’re less in your head and more in your body, so that you’re in contact with yourself and others. That sounds terrific, doesn’t it? No steps, no complicated choreographies, just enjoying moving in your own way. More movement, more life, more contact. Have I managed to pique your curiosity? Come and try it.

I am Petra Kerkhofs, a Biodanza facilitator under the supervision of the Flemish Biodanza School. It was six years ago when Biodanza came into my life. I knew it was for me like love at first sight. Biodanza helps me in a positive way to reduce stress, to move more and to regain balance. When I ‘biodance’, I feel the love of life flow in me, the light shine in me and I delight in being able to pass this spark onto others.

Blinkhuis Mechelen

Wear clothing in which you feel comfortable; we dance (if possible) barefoot.
You can also bring a bottle of water.


Free entry, drop by spontaneously