• Saturday 09:00 — 22:00
  • Sunday 09:00 — 22:00

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Physical Podcast

Judith Clijsters (Passerelle vzw)

Physical Podcast takes you on a physical adventure. You are guided by a roguish voice through streets, neighbourhoods and cities. On your daily walk, you are given the opportunity to rediscover your surroundings. This podcast brings pleasure and relaxation. For Physical Podcasts, Judith Clijsters worked with seven creative dancers during the COVID-19 lockdown. They encouraged each other via Zoom and WhatsApp to move and write to put together an entertaining and compelling experience.

This activity is done with smartphone and earphones.

Het Begijnhofpark & Kantoor van Passerelle

Kapucijnenstraat 10

You can find the QR code both in Begijnhofpark and at the office of vzw Passerelle. At the office of vzw Passerelle there is also a video playing at the window.


Gratis – kom spontaan eens langs