• Saturday 15:30 — 15:45
  • Saturday 16:15 — 16:30
  • Saturday 17:00 — 17:15

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OverGEWAAID uit India

Antonia Volodina

Antonia Volodina brings a bit of India to Mechelen with bells on her feet, stirring rhythms and intriguing song next to the lapping waters of the River Dijle, which, for a little while, seems like the Ganges. Antonia improvises in the classic bharatanatyam style, as a statue that suddenly begins to move to engage in a dialogue with the musicians.

Bharatanatyam is a centuries old, traditional dance form from the south of India. It demands years of training to master the beautiful poses, rhythmic foot work and the clean lines. As well as the technical aspect, a lot of attention is also paid to the story, which is told in gesture and mine.

For Antonia Volodina, Indian classical dance is a passion, hobby and job, all at the same time. She was brought up with bharatanatyam and was taught by various gurus from the age of five.

Dance: Antonia Volodina
Tabla: Bernard Flament
Singing: Subashree Venkatraman


Kruidtuin (ingang Bruul)

The location has been changed and will be at the entry of the Kruidtuin via Bruul.


Free entry, drop by spontaneously