Dance initiationWorkshop
  • Saturday 14:30 — 15:30

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Biodanza with Miriam en Christine

Miriam Esser and Christine De Wachter

Biodanza helps you win back or build strength and a sense of the joy of life. We restore the connection with our body and learn to sense our needs better. It is a path to vitality and self-esteem, via simple dances and exercises to specifically selected music.

No dance experience is required. Everyone dances and moves however they can.


This open, green courtyard is located between Bruul, Lange Schipstraat, Korte Schipstraat and Schaalstraat.
The entrance on Bruul is by De Margriet and the entrance on Lange Schipstraat is by the Sociaal Huis.


Free entry, drop by spontaneously