• Sunday 14:00 — 14:15
  • Sunday 14:45 — 15:00

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Lotte Kolpa

What if words move? Can you hear them then? What if you see me in my vulnerability? Would you understand then? Can my body be a voice?

Body language brings something about being seen and heard. A short performance in which word and body hold hands and dance with each other.

Lotte is a student of social-cultural work who always surrounds herself with visual art, word art and dance. Dancing and cross-pollinating with different disciplines and artists were always in it. Therefore, this performance is no exception.

She previously performed 2 years in a row at MAYDAY MAYDAY festival, an art festival by students supported by Campo, in Ghent. There she experimented together with Maïté Egeolu around contact improvisation and video installation.

This time, Lotte embodies Maïté’s voice, performing her self-written piece. The performance continues to be accompanied by unreleased music by NEWRA.

The silence room of BlinkHuis Mechelen is open this Sunday between 13h and 18h. Feel very much welcome!

Organisation:Audio by Maïté Egeolu and NEWRA

Blinkhuis Mechelen, room Zinder

Tichelrij 7, 2800 Mechelen

The room Zinder is situated in the attic, on the third floor.


Free entry, drop by spontaneously