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D-effect I just came to look at the garden

Lisi Esteras

The video tells the story of three young female dancers, two male dancers with Down’s syndrome and a double bass player. By means of exaggeration, they affect each other and raise issues of identity, age, gender and vulnerability. How do we see someone else, or someone who is different? The gaze plays a central role: ‘The gaze of others exposes me, makes me weak and fragile, turns me into a subject.'
We are confronted as audience members with two contradictory worlds: the secrecy of fantasy, obsession and inner conflict, versus an ideal, free world. The work is both dark and optimistic.

Organisation:Dekenij and Lokale Gemeenschap Kortrijk i.s.m. Vzw Wit.h, Groep Ubuntu en Passerelle vzw


Jozef Vandaleplein


Free entry, drop by spontaneously