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One Step to IKIGAI

Jennifer Regidor / Lune

The reason why you get out of bed in the morning, the thing that gives reason to your life, that’s the meaning of the Japanese term ikigai. A good reason to come to DANSSTORM is One Step to IKIGAI by the Lune dance company and Jennifer Regidor.

One Step to IKIGAI is a work in progress, in which the dancers go in search of their purpose in life. For one year, the performers experimented with live rehearsals, video shoots, homework and public showcases supported by the videographer David Jacobs (Jacowbski). When One Step to IKIGAI is in Kortrijk, they will be about halfway through their process and the Lune dance company will perform some scenes. The ultimate production IKIGAI will premiere on 1st April 2022, but you will be able to enjoy a unique preview.



Broelkaai 8500, 8500 Kortrijk


Free entry, drop by spontaneously