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  • Sunday 17:30 — 19:00

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Introduction to Lindy Hop followed by Swing Ball

Helena Bosseloo

Do you love jazz and swing? Do you love to dance and do you want to discover something new? Then this introduction to Lindy Hop is for you! We show solo and partnered dances, so that you can become familiar with the dance style quickly and enjoyably. The dance lesson is then followed by a Swing Ball. Come and give it a go!
Lindy Hop developed out of the Charleston and tap dancing amongst Afro-Americans in the twenties and thirties of the last century. It is a dance with a partner and contains both improvisation and more formal elements, comparable with the swing music to which it is danced. Today, Lindy Hop is danced all over the world, including Mechelen.

Organisation:Apollo Swing



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