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  • Saturday 13:00 — 22:00
  • Sunday 13:00 — 18:00

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Lamon Vanborm

Communication is more important than ever before in contemporary society, but it is the word that receives most attention. We have largely forgotten how to read body language and symbols. The photographer Hanne Lamon and the dancer Laura Vanborm go back to basics in the production Innsæi: the body as means of communication. They translate emotion and inner experience into movement and image. The Icelandic term innsæi literally means ‘the sea within’ and represents the ‘power of intuition’. This meditative production challenges you to learn to look, feel and experience again.

Laura Vanborm has a passion for movement, yoga and photography. She has danced in productions whose makers have included Jan Martens en Miet Warlop. Photographer Hanne Lamon’s work has already been featured in several exhibitions, such as Ingrid Deuss. It is characterized by stillness, intimacy and sensuality. As the artistic duo Lamon Vanborm, they combine photography, video and dance.


Cultuurcentrum - kerk

In het ‘church’ of the Cultural Centre


Free entry, drop by spontaneously