• Saturday 19:00 — 20:00

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Improvisation PLATFORMance

Dance theater company in oprichting

During this hour, we plant a seed to send our dream into the world: establish a dance theater group in Mechelen where improvisation, experimentation and co-creation are central.

Through playful assignments we warm up and get into our bodies, present here and now.

Then it’s up to us. An open field is created in which to explore. A brave space where you can step in and out according to how you feel. We dance or we watch. We are audience or dancer. We listen and are listened to and tell our story in movement. In an authentic way, we give expression to what is alive in us at that moment. Joy, sadness, fast, slow, round or straight. In connection with the group, this creates a performance.

Everyone who wants to be part of this now or in the future, welcome!

Organisation:Suzanne Demesmaeker and Jona Van Eyken


This open, green courtyard is located between Bruul, Lange Schipstraat, Korte Schipstraat and Schaalstraat.
The entrance on Bruul is by De Margriet and the entrance on Lange Schipstraat is by the Sociaal Huis.


Free entry, drop by spontaneously