Dance initiation(Dancing) walk
  • Saturday: Be surprised between 13h30 and 15h30.

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Folk dance performance and ensemble dance - Hanne Kinne/Tijl Uylenspiegel

Hanne Kinne

Discover the rich traditions of folk dance and cultural heritage at Tijl Uylenspiegel during Dance Storm. Our folkloric art group, led by passionate teachers, will take you on an unforgettable journey full of dance and culture. With pride we bring to life the traditional dances, folklore and the art of flag waving and opsinjoor throwing of Mechelen and its surroundings. Young and old can enjoy meaningful movements, lively rhythms and compelling choreographies together. Our experienced choreographer and enthusiastic dancers provide an engaging experience that includes both classical performances and contemporary interpretations. Whether you are a heritage enthusiast, dance lover or just curious about the cultural treasures of our region, Tijl Uylenspiegel will surprise you! Come and enjoy beautiful dances, passionate performances and a lively atmosphere. Don’t miss this unique opportunity – we look forward to welcoming you to Dansstorm!

Step into the bustling streets of Mechelen with us and be surprised by a unique and interactive dance experience!

Organisation:Tijl Uylenspiegel

starting from the Grote Markt, we travel through the city and its gardens


Free entry, drop by spontaneously