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Distort the body


Big breasts and a narrow waist, or broad shoulders and muscular calves, those are the ideal images of a woman and a man that society presents us. But why? And what happens if you start messing around with those standards? If you look at things from a different perspective?

In the circus performance Distort The Body, the GEDACHTEGANG company [‘TRAIN OF THOUGHT’, tr.] questions gender norms in an absurd way. Can you do a handstand if you have a large bosom or a tight skirt? Can you still walk normally with pumped-up leg muscles? By toying with form, poses and clothing, the production makes you, the audience member, aware of your own expectations in respect of gender. The duo wants to transcend the clichés about men and women and focus on the person again.



Groeningelaan 70, 8500 Kortrijk


Free entry, drop by spontaneously