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En Danseuse

Dance cycling? Cycle dancing? Put your dance shoes on and get on your bike! After the Tour de France and the Vuelta in Spain, cycle racing continues in... Kortrijk! On 19th September, Car-Free Sunday, there will be dance cycling throughout the city. Exceptionally, you will be able to cycle through the tunnel on Vlasmarkt between 1 pm and 5 pm. The only condition is that you don’t just zoom from one side to the other, but that you demonstrate your best dance moves en danseuse, on your bicycle, step or skateboard.

The term en danseuse is used to describe a cyclist who moves his or her upper body and legs gracefully when he or she cycles uphill ‘in an elegant cadence, swaying beautifully, like a ballerina on a bicycle...’ If you want to try and impress us with your elegant or surprising cycle artistry, come to the start at Vlasmarkt on 19th September, register and choose your favourite dance number. We will provide you with the massages and nutritional supplements required so that you can cycle up the col de tunnel as gracefully as possible, dancing on the pedals and accompanied by the expert commentary of our own highly professional cycling competition commentators. Who knows, after the doping control, there may be a ceremony on our podium...

So embrocate your calves and put on your dance shoes. Allez roulez!



En Danseuse takes place at the tunnel of the Doorniksewijk near the Vlasmarkt.


Free entry, drop by spontaneously