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  • Sunday: Be surprised between 13h and 18h30.

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Dans mon monde

Nicolas Vladyslav

A man is in search of himself and his roots. It is a quest in which he doesn’t seem to make any progress. A journey of waiting and standing still. But is he waiting for himself or someone else? For her?

The solo Dans mon monde by Nicolas Vladyslav is the first of two parts. The second part can also be seen at Dansstorm: Revealing, a duet in which the dancer Valeria Saija joins the man and sets him in movement.

Nicolas Vladyslav studied circus (trapeze, acrobatics and the handstand) and dance (ballet and contemporary) in France. He has worked with choreographers like Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Michèle Anne De May, Lisi Estaras and Lisbeth Gruwez. He teaches in institutions like La Raffinerie (Brussels) and SEAD (Salzburg).


This solo is about a man searching for his roots inside himself.
It’s a waiting journey, a non moving travel.
It’s the first part of the duo « Revealing » before she arrives.
He is waiting for her.




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