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Dance Theatre Workshop Adults (30+) – BodyBridging

Lucas Devroe

During his training, Lucas developed his own method: BodyBridging. It investigates how feelings can be the catalyst for physicality and the production of movement, text and visual material. We are confronted with feelings every day and they affect our thoughts, our body and our interaction. They are a crucial part of our life, but they are often ignored, repressed or regarded as superfluous. BodyBridging focusses on feeling and we explore its essence. The dance theatre workshop is an introduction to BodyBridging for adults of 30 years and above. Without too much earnestness, we will work with text, dance and visual material and guide participants in the creation of a short dance theatre phrase.

Organisation:Conservatorium Kortrijk

Muziekcentrum Track

Conservatoriumplein 3


If you would like to participate in this workshop, please send an email to reservatie.conservatorium@kortrijk.be.
The price of a ticket is €20.

(Please note that the number of participants for this workshop is limited to a maximum of 14)