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Jarne Van Perck and Cynthia Verpoorten (Vanver)

The decomposition of the body after death may seem a macabre subject, but there is also a certain beauty: the human individual as nothing more than a body that becomes one with nature again. In Corrumpuntur, the audience finds a dead dancer at the start. Bit by bit, detail by detail, the body transforms, but even after death, it remains in motion…

With Corrumpuntur, the choreographer Jarne Van Perck looks at what it means to be dead. His fear of death is gradually replaced by an appreciation of the process of decomposition. The idea that a body continues to move in the ground long after death is an interesting challenge for a dancer. Van Perck’s idea is translated on the stage by the dancer Cynthia Verpoorten.


Kruidtuin - Dodoenskruidentuin


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