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Bare Body

Jakobe Geens and Margot Jansens

What is ‘naked’? When is something naked? What does it mean to be covered? Who or what is visible? And what effect does the invisible have on what the onlooker thinks? What are the different ways of regarding the female body?

These are the questions that Margot Jansens and Jakobe Geens juggle in Bare Body, a production that is a blend of dance and circus. The naked female body and our complex relationship with it are central. Jansens and Geens have sought inspiration in flamenco and acro dance and investigate the specific role of female-ness in these dance styles.

Jansens and Geens are characterised by their versatility. The former studied Technical Theatre and Stage Management and became a lighting designer and production employee before enrolling in Theatre Stdies and becoming a dramaturg. The latter has a background in movement theatre, acro sport and circus, specialises in partnered acrobatics and performs in artistic productions all over the world.

By: Jakobe Geens and Margot Jansens
With: Jakobe Geens
Choreographic advice: Roseta Plasencia
Coaching: Meijie Pons, Jorinde Cielen, Sophie Monheim, Mireia Piñol, Kobe Vanherwegen, Manou Selhorst and Arno Ferrera
Outside eye: Mahlu Mertens and Jessica Helmuth
Music: Aram Abgaryan
Costume: Christina Snik
Technical support: Pepijn Mesure
Partners: Perplx, CIRKLABO, De Grote Post, De Spil, MiraMiro, Theater op De Markt, VierNulVier, De Warande, Theater FroeFroe, Mad Festival and the Flemish Government



This open, green courtyard is located between Bruul, Lange Schipstraat, Korte Schipstraat and Schaalstraat.
The entrance on Bruul is by De Margriet and the entrance on Lange Schipstraat is by the Sociaal Huis.


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