Dance initiation
  • Saturday 13:00 — 14:00

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Animals from India - parent and child workshop

Antonia Volodina

A snake, a deer, an elephant? Discover with your child the hand gestures of Indian dance (Bharata Natyam) and learn to dance with your fingers. Take off your shoes – we dance barefoot! – and slip into the skin of a tiger or a bird.
What happens when we all work together to make the animals come alive with the hand gestures and accompanying dance moves?

For children from 5 years old and of course their siblings, parents, grandparents …
The workshop will be assisted by 3 little students from the dance school😊 Who knows, maybe they will treat you to a demo?

Bharata Natyam is an ancient dance style originating from southern India, and used to be danced in temples. It is a classical dance style and requires years of training and study. Both the narrative, theatrical part of the dance (nritya) and the technique (nritta) are fascinating. The storytelling is characterized by hand gestures and specific facial expressions. In technique, the beautiful poses, rhythmic footwork and clean lines stand out.

Sinte Mettetuin

This open, green courtyard is located between Bruul, Lange Schipstraat, Korte Schipstraat and Schaalstraat.
The entrance on Bruul is by De Margriet and the entrance on Lange Schipstraat is by the Sociaal Huis.


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