Dance initiation(Dancing) walk
  • Saturday: Be surprised between 13h30 and 15h30

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Century-old art: Vendeling & Opsinjoor throwing! - Andy Livens/Tijl Uylenspiegel

Andy Livens

Experience the enchanting world of felling and the merry Opsinjoorke, a legendary figure from Mechelen, with Tijl Uylenspiegel! These ancient art forms come alive and kicking during our unique initiations. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, participants discover the elegant and powerful movements of flag waving, waving colorful flags in graceful patterns. Alternately, we dive into the spectacle of Opsinjoor throwing, based on the legend of the cheerful Opsinjoorke. This little figure used to be tossed into the air with a cloth during the Ommegang of Mechelen as a symbol of effervescent joy and joie de vivre, much to the delight of the public. These authentic Flemish traditions require precision, teamwork and mastery, and promise an exciting and enjoyable experience for participants and audience alike. Young and old alike can be inspired by the rich history and cultural importance of these unique Mechelen customs. No experience required – come and experience for yourself the magic of Vendelen and the merry Opsinjoorke with Tijl Uylenspiegel during our immersive initiations!

Organisation:Tijl Uylenspiegel

Between the Grote Markt and the big yellow Opsinjoor


Free entry, drop by spontaneously