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Allez dansez!

Haider Al Timimi, Theater Antigone, UNIK vzw & Danspunt

Dancing together with everything we’ve got at DANSSTORM, that’s what we’re going for! Allez, Dansez! is the moment to look back on it. Come down to Begijnhofpark on Sunday afternoon to learn and dance two choreographies with your fellow Kortrijkians! It’s open to everyone: dancers, advanced dancers, living-room dancers, etc. Enjoy the group energy, each other, each other’s enthusiasm. It’s infectious, really!
Quickly learn how you too can enjoy group dance creation with the artistic director of Theater Antigone, Haider Al Timimi, and enthusiastic dancers from the Conservatoire. With UNIK vzw, you’ll learn a group choreography in no time, led by one of our many renowned choreographers of contemporary dance.
Whatever it is, the programme is all about fun. How can it be concluded but with a real, speed-dance party!

Organisation:Haider Al Timimi, Theater Antigone, UNIK vzw & Danspunt

Dansvloer Begijnhofpark


Free entry, drop by spontaneously