Art in Motion

Let your brushes and pencils dance as you bring your dancing inspiration to life on canvas and paper.

This year, Danspunt and Kunstwerkt are merging the art of dancing with the visual arts. On Saturday, September 16, 2023, during Dansstorm Mechelen, you can join us to draw and paint and get inspired by a wide array of dance performances, workshops and more in squares and parcs in the city center. Step into the vibrant atmosphere and let the dancing and energy fuel your artistic spirit. You are free to choose what inspires you, whether it is dance moves, dancers, or the overall vibe. Our expert drawing/painting guiding instructor will kickstart the day, providing you with invaluable guidance and insights to help channel your creative vision.

But the journey doesn’t end there! Saturday evening, your artwork will be displayed on a dedicated wall, showcased for all to enjoy until the end of the festival. A perfect opportunity to share your talent and inspire others throughout the entire event.

Register through this link.