We welcome all bodies at Dansstorm. 


Wheelchair accessible

The Kruidtuin meeting point is accessible to wheelchair users. The paths are wide. The entrances from Bruul and Pitzemburgstraat are accessible for wheelchair users and prams/buggies. The entrance from Zandpoortvest, next to the ViaVia Travelers Café, is less accessible because of the steep slope. 


Most of the locations for Dansstorm are wheelchair accessible. Mail us for more information about activities where there is no wheelchair icon (dansstorm@danspunt.be). We will be happy to answer any queries.


One of the toilets in the Kruidtuin, left behind the summer bar, is adapted for wheelchair users.


Quiet Room

A quiet room provided by BlinkOut will be open on Sunday 17th September from 1 pm to 6 pm.


The quiet room (stiltekamer) is a warm, low-stimulus place where you can step back from the flow of activity and recharge. A point of rest where you can find your own rhythm again.


If you have any questions about the accessibility of the quiet room, send them to dansstorm@danspunt.be.

For more information about the quiet room, click here.


Danspunt is committed to the accessibility of all its events, including DANSSTORM, but we want to keep developing. Please mail all feedback, suggestions and questions to dansstorm@danspunt.be.